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Hi there, My name is Angela Scott. I started out with a household pet named Mister. A few months later, My dream boy was born; his name is Aloha Popoki Anela's Wilikoki who stole my heart. A hot tub trade later, the pretty copper eyed white Persian was mine. I started out in a small association, United Feline Association where Wilikoki won 3rd Best Kitten in the Nation, and then later won Second Best Cat in the Nation. He was shown in CFA to Championship and has a few grand points. I changed my program from Solids to Bi Colors at the end of 2002.

In 2007, Adonis Persians is doing some remodeling by focusing solely on type, build and health. In doing so; my foundation male is CH Deebows Hooters of Adonis. We are working with Konfettikat, Harwood, Catillak, Rhamjoge, the "old lines" of Lark Hill and my new blood Deebows!! I love helping people so feel free to email me with a question. My email is And if you get no response in a day please email my alternative email address; .

After being so sick since October, I have decided to cut back. I will be putting up for sale some of my males and possibly a few females. Happy New Year 2008! Been Very under the weather for the past 8 weeks or so, but I think I am on the mend. Been a Very cold winter so far in the Pacific Northwest. Looking forward to showing this spring, if all goes as planned. Waiting to see if I need another back surgery. Planned breedings are Toyah and Trella; and maybe Melosa with Hooters. Here is a picture of one of the snow storms of 2008.

Late Fall 2007~ Kittening for 2007 is over and overall I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Toyah is coming into heat regularly. Trella was bred to Teddy for his last litter. My cattery is almost complete, just cleaning up and making some final touch ups.

Fall 2007--After much consideration, I have decided to phase out my Parti Wai line, I have had Chaser for over 4 years of his 5 year life and he has not produced a litter for me. I am also phasing out Teddy and a few other males; focusing strictly on good health, boning and type. Painting the building will come later. I will NOT be v enturing into Exotics as I feel their breed needs to have a philosophy of good camaraderie and the back stabbing is too much. I do not know when this type of behavior became acceptable but it is seen more often than not. There are many exotic breeders that do not conduct this way, but I have known them for years and they started in a solid respectable Persian cattery first. Currently I have some VERY healthy kittens which gives me hope I am in the right direction.

Summer 2007- Well Adonis has taken the summer off to catch up on Vet Bills and take care of the new litters. Brandy and Melosa are busy taking care of their Mid July litters and Adonis will have 2 more (possibly) in August 2007. That will be it for us this year. Below is my new foundation boy who is replacing my Teddy. He will be in service after he grands.

Fun facts about Persian Cats

Although some consider dogs to be the humans best friend, the real animal fans will know that those are cats. They may not be so full of energy, but if you pick the right breed for you, you will see that they can become an essential part of your life. Cats are not stupid, a recent research found out that they understand pretty much everything people are saying to them, but the reason they don't react is that they don't care. The reason for that might be that people make them realize it is best to not pay attention to any words they are saying and because many people spoil their cats, so they feel like they don't have to do anything in order to get their food and love.

The right way to pick a good cat breed for you is to find out what kinds of cats there are, what they love and how they behave, how energetic they are and what their needs are. You will, most certainly, hear about the Scottish Fold, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Persian and many other cat breeds once you get into the world of cats.

Persian cats are fun

Just like with every other cat breed, there is no knowledge about the origins of Persian cats, but many believe that the originated from wild, long haired cats that lived in the wildness in Middle East. But one thing about their origins is known, and that is that they came to the rest of the world as one man's souvenir. His name was Pietro della Valle who was a traveler in the Middle East and the Holy Land. Once he saw this interesting looking gray, longhaired cat at a bazaar and purchased four of them, he brought them home to Europe and that is how they became known there. Maybe you can also go to the Middle East and take a French escort that can show you where to find these beautiful cats there.

About 250 years ago, Persian cats took London by storm and they became widely known and wanted house pets. They were even showcased in the world's first cat show in 1871 at the famous Crystal Palace. The show attracted more than 20 thousand visitors and it is not a surprise that a Persian kitten won the Best in Show award. Short after 1895 Persian cats were brought even to the United State, where they soon became one of the first cat breeds that were registered in the Cat Fanciers' Association in 1906. To this day, Persian cats remain the most popular cats over the sea. One of the reasons for that may be that they look very aloof and prissy, but they are actually one of the friendliest and low-maintenance cat breeds of all.

Today, Persian cats are a symbol and pop culture icons, as they were used in many movies as the favorite house pet of super villains. If you love cats and want one that will be a good friend and not that lazy as many are, than think about getting a Persian, they will, for sure, soon grow to your heart and become a part of your life.

Last updated January 15, 2007

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